Tall Coil Liner

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Professional use only

These tall coil liners are designed to push bigger lines using 7-14rl and loose groupings. They are medium speed, medium throw and hard hitting. They are great for power
lining or traditional style linework and will put in a thick line in one, easy pass. 

  • Optimum Voltage: 7.5v
  • Recommended voltage range: 6.5-8v
  • Loaded Speed: approx. 115hz-120hz
  • Weight: 216gm

"Sender's Widows" have been designed by Mark Sender in conjunction with Tattoo Station to be rugged, hardworking, "every day" tattoo machines. We have created 3 different machines to cover the majority of any tattooers day-to-day needs. Each one is simple, easily serviceable and is tuned to run straight out of the box.  

They Feature:

  • fully handmade construction by Mark Sender
  • individually shimmed and tuned to run perfectly
  • super strong welded steel frame
  • hand wound coils
  • top quality hardware made with all New Zealand sourced materials 
  • super tough US made fasteners.
  • rugged and easy-to-clean powder-coated finish in stylish satin black.
  • quick change, separately soldered capacitor.
  • industry standard components.
  • full range of replacement parts (available soon at Tattoo Station)