Anchored Tattoo Stencil Solution now available!

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As every good tattoo artist knows, all good tattoos begin with a good stencil. Luckily, Tattoo Station now stock the very best.

We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking Anchored Stencil Solution, by world-renowned LA artist Nikko Hurtado.

Nikko Hurtado

Born in Los Angeles in 1981 to Hispanic parents, Nikko Hurtado grew up in the San Fernando Valley area of California, drawing cartoons and characters for fun.

At the age of 16, Nikko went to the Art Centre of Pasadena for a few years, but it wasn’t until after working in construction for several years when Nikko’s life changed. After calling into a friend's tattoo studio, he was offered an apprenticeship, despite having no experience, and not even having a tattoo.

He started tattooing the next day and the rest is history.

Trial and Error

After years of development and testing, Nikko Hurtado has created the perfect tattoo stencil solution.

Using his own unique formula, the respected tattoo artist has created an impressive solution, producing crisp, clear lines which last for hours.

Guaranteed to be loved by every tattoo artist in New Zealand, this special tattoo stencil solution provides an even truer representation of your original drawing.

The long-lasting formula will stay clear for hours, allowing you to work from start to finish without having to worry about fading or missing parts of the design.

Talk to Tattoo Station for all your tattoo supplies

Like Nikko, we have also been in the business a long time, and we too have discovered what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why we started Tattoo Station, to cut out all the crap and only use the very best tattoo supplies.

We sell everything from the world famous Eternal Ink, through to our own special range of Botan Needles, and now we’re delighted to add Anchored Tattoo Stencil Solution to the list.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our range.

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