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If you’re just starting out in your career as a tattoo artist, then you’re going to need the best equipment to do your best work.

Tattoo Station are the best tattoo supply store in New Zealand, bringing the highest quality tattoo supplies to your door at the best possible price.

Tattoo Ink

We the official New Zealand suppliers of Eternal Ink, one of the world’s most popular tattoo inks. They lead the way in the industry by setting strict standards in product consistency, quality ingredients, and outstanding performance. They take great satisfaction in knowing that artists believe and trust in their product.

Tattoo Needles

The tattoo industry is switching to disposable needles and tubes because can simply be thrown out after use, and a new packet opened. This not only makes life easier for everyone, but gives the client peace of mind when it comes to contamination. We use Botan Premium Tattoo Needles, high-quality needles will always be consistent, sharp and to the highest quality.

Tattoo Machines

Mark Sender started tattooing 10 years ago, and from the moment he started his apprenticeship, he tried to build his first tattoo machine. Ten years later, Mark makes and sells his own machines, made from only the best materials and highest quality parts. These impressive tattoo machines will cover the everyday needs of tattoo artists everywhere, with each one simple, serviceable and ready to use out of the box.

Tattoo Stencils

After years of development and testing, Nikko Hurtado has created the perfect tattoo stencil solution. Guaranteed to be loved by every tattoo artist in New Zealand, this special tattoo stencil solution provides an even truer representation of your original drawing. The long-lasting formula will stay clear for hours, allowing you to work from start to finish without having to worry about fading or missing parts of the design.


When it comes to tattoo supplies, then talk to us about the following, because when it comes to your work, reputation, and safety, only the best will do.

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