The history of tattoos - a 5 minute video

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Now be warned people, even though this is a TED Talk educational video, not everything in this is 100% accurate. It’s still fun though.  Have a watch of it, and afterwards, if you’re nit-picky like us, take a look at all the things wrong with it. :)


Ok, it was a nice wee five minutes, but not entirely accurate. Apart from mis-pronouncing Maori (she’s American, we’ll give her a break), here’s a few of the things that were wrong with the video…

“Stories of Cook’s findings” couldn’t have sparked “a craze in Victorian English high society”. Captain James Cook said around the world a hundred years before the Victorian age! And of course, he didn’t have ‘soldiers’, he had sailors. And while we’re on the Victorians…

The Victorian tattoo fad among elites was hardly “behind closed doors”. The Victorian peoples were quite open about their tattoos, which were written about in a variety of newspapers and journals at the time. Although they weren’t so popular that the Queen herself had one. There isn’t a single shred of evidence for Queen Victoria having a tattoo, let alone a tiger fighting a snake. Ironically, there is definitive evidence of King George V having a kick-ass dragon tattoo covering his back which he picked up on his travels to the Far East!

So there you go. Some interesting facts with a wee sprinkle of bullshit thrown in for good measure. Just like the mainstream media!

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