Why Tattoo Station recommend disposable tattoo tubes over steel ones.

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“To each their own” as the saying goes, but what if given two options, one is clearly better than the other? Then it becomes not a case of personal choice, but rather adapt or get left behind.

We believe this is the case when it comes to tattoo tubes. Sunset Tattoo have been exclusively using disposable tattoo tubes for a few years now, and during those years we have found them to be superior to steel tubes.

Disadvantages of steel tattoo tubes

While steel tubes have their advantages (and supporters), they still lose to disposable tubes in the one issue that really matters; safety.

Steel tubes need to be cleaned thoroughly, and it’s not just client’s blood that’s the issue, the chemicals used in cleaning are also dangerous. To properly clean steel tubes after use is one of the dirtiest and dangerous jobs in a tattoo studio.

This constant maintenance is time-consuming, and add to that the weight of the steel tubes, which can cause hand fatigue and even lead to serious conditions such as carpal tunnel or tendonitis, and it’s no wonder people are switching to plastic disposable tubes.

The advantages of disposable tattoo tubes

The biggest advantage of using disposable tattoo tubes is not having to worry about contamination. Health and Safety checks are a breeze, and the time saved by switching to disposable can add up to a surprising amount of man-hours at the end of the month. That’s time you could be doing more tattoos and earning more money.

Your clients also feel safer knowing that they are being tattooed with a brand new disposable tube, and there’s no chance it’s been used before on someone else. And as we all know, client satisfaction and word of mouth is everything in this business.

Only the highest quality disposable tattoo tubes

Here at Tattoo Station, we have tested every disposable tattoo tube on the market that we could find. Many tubes lacked proper ink flow, felt bad to use, or would fall apart easily. After years of testing, we have found the best possible tubes, with the best ink flow and the sturdiest construction. They are simple, but they do the job better, making colours brighter, with amazing ink flow.

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