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Tattoo Station is the sister company of Sunset Tattoo. We are first and foremost tattoo artists.

With our combined decades of experience, we know what makes a good tattoo product, and we know how much that product should cost. That’s why we cut out the middleman and bring the highest quality tattoo aftercare to New Zealand, and pass the savings onto you.

Protat Aftercare Cream

Protat are the world’s first tattoo aftercare company. By using professional, experienced chemists in their development team, they are constantly researching new ingredients, with natural products receiving special attention.

Epidermal Research has structured all of the Protat Aftercare Products around two key fundamental concepts – Protection and Moisturisation. 

These two important aspects ensure the health of the area and optimisation of the final result of the Tattoo.

Colour protection is the other consideration in the creation of this incredible aftercare cream.

Reduction in the incident of dehydration and scab formation will ensure that the body art achieves its best possible effect.

By massaging a small amount of Protat Premium Aftercare Cream over your tattoo, we will ensure the best healed result.

Each Protat product has been precisely formulated with highly experienced members of the tattoo and piercing profession.

How to use Protat cream

When applying Protat Aftercare Cream, always wash your hands before touching the tattoo. Evenly apply cream over the tattooed skin. Use only as much cream as the skin will absorb. Rub cream in gently as this will help stimulate the skin and bring blood flow to the area which helps in the body's natural healing process.


Leave a thick film on the surface.

Most people experience a mild tingling sensation after the first few applications, this is quite normal. After 10 minutes or so, clothing will not stick to the tattoo. Apply cream 2 to 3 times a day or as necessary to keep the tattoo slightly moist.

Allow the skin to dry out.

Wear clean clothes. Avoid close fitting clothes as they may absorb cream and dry the freshly tattooed skin. If you suffer from any allergies, seek advice from your GP and advise your body artist. Discontinue use of any product should irritation occur.

For long term care, always use sunscreen (which you should be using anyway), and keep your tattoo moisturised. 


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