Tattoo Station are now selling Senders Widows!

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Tattoo Station are now proud suppliers of Senders Widows, a series of high-quality, handmade tattoo machines.

Handmade for professionals

Mark Sender started tattooing 10 years ago, and from the moment he started his apprenticeship, he tried to build his first tattoo machine.

Starting from the ground up, his first attempt was good but not perfect, but it ignited a fire within him, and building these machines became a hobby taking up most of his spare time.

Ten years later, and building tattoo machines has taken over tattooing itself, with Mark spending most of his time in his workshop, building products for tattoo professionals only, using only the best materials and highest quality parts.

Teaming up with Tattoo Station

Mark has worked in conjunction with us to create three different tattoo machines to suit almost all situations. These hardworking, high-quality machines will cover the everyday needs of tattoo artists everywhere, with each one simple, serviceable and ready to use out of the box.


Short Coil Liner

$450NZ including GST
These short coil liners are designed to push 3-7rl quickly! They are super speedy and smooth with a short to medium throw. They will make light work of single pass, fine detailed lines and script giving you that pen-like feel.

  • Optimum Voltage: 7.5v
  • Recommended voltage range: 6.5-8v
  • Loaded Speed: approx. 132hz-138hz
  • Weight: 222gm
short liner tattoo machine

Tall Coil Liner 

$450NZ including GST
These tall coil liners are designed to push bigger lines using 7-14rl and loose groupings. They are medium speed, medium throw and hard hitting. They are great for power lining or traditional style linework and will put in a thick line in one, easy pass. 

  • Optimum Voltage: 7.5v
  • Recommended voltage range: 6.5-8v
  • Loaded Speed: approx. 115hz-120hz
  • Weight: 216gm
Long liner tattoo machine


$450NZ including GST
These shaders are designed to be a good solid all-round shader/colour packer. They are quick enough to achieve smooth shading but punchy enough to whip and pack colour with needles ranging from 5mg-15mg.

  • Optimum Voltage: 7.5v
  • Recommended voltage range: 6.5-8v
  • Loaded Speed: approx. 92hz-95hz
  • Weight: 235gm
shading tattoo machine

For all your tattoo equipment, talk to us here at Tattoo Station. We bring the right supplies to New Zealand, and all at the best possible price.

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