Tattoo ink and New Zealand Law

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Guess what? There aren't any laws regarding tattoo ink.

Yep, that’s right, the tattoo industry here in New Zealand isn’t even regulated, which means that tattoo ink isn’t regulated either.

The only way you know you’re getting high-quality tattoo ink is to buy it from a reputable tattoo supply store – like Tattoo Station!

Tattoo Ink and New Zealand law

One in three New Zealanders under the age of 30 have a tattoo, and with one of the highest rates of tattooing in the world, you’d expect the industry to be regulated, but it’s not.

There are guidelines set out, but these aren’t legally binding in any way, and following them is completely voluntary.

New Zealand tattooists are expecting laws to change soon when it comes to ink, as the European Chemicals Agency just published a list of potentially toxic chemicals used in some tattoos.

Over in Australia

Our Australian cousins across the Ditch are more plugged in than we are. Tattoo artists in Australia are required to have a licence before tattooing a person, with breaches resulting in jail time.

This is something New Zealand may copy soon, with terrible “homers” causing infections and blood poisoning. This is bad for the industry as a whole, with professional studios and artists like us, being lumped in with a bunch of arseholes doing tattoos in their garage for their mates.

Tattoo Station ink

Here at Tattoo Station, we are proud to be an official distributor of the world-famous Eternal Ink.

Made from organic pigments, deionized water and hamamelis water, this bright coloured ink is free of animal by-products and even suitable for vegans.

They arrive sealed in a medical grade bottle, ensuring hygiene, and the ink pigments are regularly tested and comply with all health and safety regulations.

Eternal Ink is not tested on animals, so there’s no guilty conscious tagging along with every purchase.

Eternal Ink are very picky about who they let sell their high-quality products. We are the only official distributors in New Zealand given this privilege and we take it very seriously.

Contact us today if you’d like to order some of the finest tattoo ink at the cheapest possible price.

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