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All professional tattoo artists know you don’t simply need a tattoo machine and some ink, and away you go! There are a vast range of tattoo accessories and supplies needed to make tattooing a safe and professional experience.

Here at Tattoo Station we have a range of accessories including high-quality power supplies, including foot pedals, clip cords, and toggle switches.

Critical Atom Power Supply

The Critical Atom Power Supply looks like no other power supply: the colour of the power supply changes depending on the voltage you're running your machine on.

The Critical Atom is also extremely easy to operate: everything is done with just one button. To change the voltage you just turn the button and you can use the same button to switch on your tattoo machine or to change the settings like maintained mode and jump start. You can of course still connect a foot pedal if you prefer.

There are built in magnets in the base of the Atom, so you can attach it to any magnetic surface. But if you prefer to just put it on a horizontal surface, the silicone on the base will ensure it doesn't slide.

Critical G2 Wireless Foot Pedal

Critical's G2 Wireless Foot Pedal is one of the best foot pedals available in New Zealand.

At less than 250 grams in weight, and only 12cm in diameter, the pedal is easily bagged and transported around. It runs off a couple of AAA batteries which are included, and has a non-skid rubber base, so you don’t have to worry about any slip-ups when working.

Special limited time offer

For a short time only, you can grab both the Critical Atom Power Supply and Critical G2 Wireless Foot Pedal for an incredible $499!

Contact us today, or place your order via our secure website. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our tattoo supplies while you’re here, we promise you won’t find them anywhere cheaper in Aotearoa!

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