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Hello, and welcome to Tattoo Station, New Zealand’s finest supplier of tattoo supplies and aftercare products.

We are an artist-run supply company, owned and operated by one of the country’s finest tattoo studios, Sunset Tattoo.

Sunset Tattoo started in 2014 by the husband and wife team of Tom McMillan and well-known Kiwi artist Misery. Together they have years of experience, all over the world, working in some of the most prestigious tattoo studios both at home and abroad.

From simple beginnings, Sunset has now become one of New Zealand’s finest tattoo studios, and all in an incredibly short period of time. We started as somewhere we could create artwork, in many different media, without stress or pressure, and in two short years we are now attracting some of the best tattoo artists in New Zealand, and overseas.

Sunset may only be a couple of years old, but we’ve all been in this business a long time, and after years of buying tattoo supplies at huge mark-ups from people who don't even tattoo, we became frustrated and decided to do it ourselves.

Tattoo Station started with the goal of providing ourselves and our friends with high-quality tattoo studio supplies, but at the cheapest possible rate. In order to achieve this, we have employed a professional product manager to find us the best products at the best prices, so that we can pass those great prices on to our peers and fellow artists.

Tattoo Station is a tattoo supply store for tattoo artists, created by tattoo artists.

We hope you find our products, services and prices as exceptional as we do.

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