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Tattoo Station are tattoo artists as well as tattoo suppliers, and as the sister company of Sunset Tattoo, we know what makes a good tattoo product.

And we also know what we should be paying for that product.

Rip off New Zealand

Paying over-the-top prices is all too common here in New Zealand, but we’re aiming to bring a stop to that.

We are bringing the latest tattoo supplies directly to Auckland, so no need to go through Australia or Asia. This savings money on transport and middle-men taking their cuts, and we’re happy to pass the saving onto Kiwi tattoo artists.

We have spent years in the industry, so we know when Kiwi artists are paying too much, and where savings can be made. Trust us when we say we’ve been there and done that, and now we want to help.

Protat Aftercare Cream In New Zealand

Like many professional tattoo studios, we use Protat Aftercare Cream.

Protat are the world’s first tattoo aftercare company, constantly researching new ingredients, with natural products receiving special attention.

Epidermal Research has structured all of the Protat Aftercare Products around two key fundamental concepts – Protection and Moisturisation.

Each Protat product has been precisely formulated with highly experienced members of the tattoo and piercing profession.

Become A Protat Aftercare Cream Retailer

Tattoo Station have secured a deal with Protat, which is made in Australia, to distribute this remarkable aftercare cream to New Zealand tattoo studios.

Selling aftercare cream creates a passive income for your shop, adding value to every tattoo, and if a client leaves with Protat, this ensures that they will take aftercare seriously.

Our studio, Sunset Tattoo has been selling Protat for the past few years with great results and no complications. Protat is a time-tested product, and we’re guaranteed to never run out of supplies.

Contact us if you would like to become a retailer of Protat Aftercare.


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