Tattoo Station is now selling Critical Tattoo Supplies in New Zealand

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Tattoo Station are proud to announce we are now bringing the acclaimed American brand Critical Tattoo supplies to New Zealand shores.

Founded in 2005, Critical Tattoo is located in Reno, “The Biggest little city in the world”, and is 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe.

They are proud of their American-made products for professional tattoo artists; the combination of precision engineering, diverse manufacturing experience, and exceptional customer service before, during, and after the sale.

Critical Tattoo take pride in the fact that the majority of what they produce is from right there in Northern Nevada.  Designed and built in house with their full engineering lab, machine shop, electronics assembly, and graphics design studio allows them to keep overseas out-sourcing to the absolute minimum.

Critical Tattoo Products

Critical Atom Power Supply

The Critical Atom Power Supply looks like no other power supply: the colour of the power supply changes depending on the voltage you're running your machine on! It is also extremely easy to operate: everything is done with just one button, and there are built in magnets in the base of the Atom, so you can attach it to any magnetic surface. If you prefer to just put it on a horizontal surface, the silicone on the base will ensure it doesn't slide.

Critical G2 Wireless Foot Pedal

At less than 250 grams in weight, and only 12cm in diameter, the pedal is easily bagged and transported around. It runs off a couple of AAA batteries which are included, and has a non-skid rubber base, so you don’t have to worry about any slip-ups when working.

Critical G2 Wireless Foot Pedal & Universal Receiver Combo

The Critical wireless foot pedal and universal receiver combo will work with all power supplies that use a 1/4″ foot pedal jack. This system adds the option of maintained pedal mode when using it with a simple power supply. (The Universal receiver is not needed if you are using the pedal with our CX2R power supply).

Critical Cx2r-G2 Power Supply

Critical Tattoo has completely restructured their G2 power supply series to provide the cleanest and strongest power to run any coil or rotary tattoo machine without hesitation. The CX2R-G2 features a 110-240V AC universal input at 50-60Hz with an output voltage of 0 – 18V DC. It has a 6 Amp peak current capacity and a 4 Amp true continuous current capacity for consistent, solid power.

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