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Eternal Ink is one of the very few tattoo inks that is universally trusted and respected.

They do this by setting high standards when it comes to product consistency, ingredients, and performance.

Eternal Ink are proud knowing that artists believe and trust in their product all over the globe.

Here at Tattoo Station, we are proud to be official New Zealand distributors of Eternal Ink, offering the following range colours for professional tattoo artists.

Standard Eternal Ink Colours

These colours represent the core of Eternal Ink’s collection. They capture a wide range of colour, intensity, and value on the colour wheel. These are the colours Eternal Ink have consistently refined over the years.

Eternal Ink Concentrates

This three colour ink set contains three Eternal Ink favourites; Blue Concentrate, Purple Concentrate, and Green Concentrate. These Concentrates mix perfectly with any of the standard Eternal Ink colours. Add this set to intensify your palette and make smooth saturated colour transitions. Mix into your darks for extra rich tones and blend with other hues to increase depth and impact.

Eternal Ink Triple Black Set

Eternal Ink’s thickest black ink in our line-up. Consistency is perfect for packing black into large areas with excellent saturation, although not to be used for lining.

Eternal Ink Lining Black Set

This is Eternal Ink’s original lining black formula. A time-proven lining black, not to be used for filling.

Eternal Ink White Ink

White ink has become an important tool in the tattoo artist’s arsenal. It is used straight from the bottle or mixed with hues to create lighter tints of colour.

Eternal Ink’s White was the first white in their line-up. It has stood the test of time and remains a top performer. Consistency is smooth with high opacity. Ideal for tinting colours or straight from the bottles for bright white areas or highlights.


If you're interested in buying only the highest-quality tattoo ink in New Zealand, then come talk to us today at Tattoo Station. As official distributors of Eternal Ink, we guarantee you won't find a better price.

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