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Here at Tattoo Station, we are constantly adding to our exclusive range of tattoo supplies, and we’re starting off 2018 with a few crackers!

Dynamic Ink - Black 

Dynamic Ink is one of the best of the best black tattoo inks on the market. Impressively dark, this ink goes into the skin easily and stays black even after healing. It is great for lining, shading, tribal, and blending to create washes. As well as looking fantastic, it’s easy to wipe and not messy at all.

Dynamic ink black

Genuine Spirit Master Thermal Paper (Classic)

Established in 1946, Spirit Freehand Tattoo Transfer papers are designed for those one of a kind pieces. Spirit offers a high degree of control while hand drawing stencils, without the use of tools or stencils. The quality dye stays visible on the skin for hours, and is extremely responsive to pressure, which allows artists to introduce extreme detail to their stencils. On top of that, the ripstop stencil sheet stands up to the most aggressive tracing.

Mick Squires Power Supply Toggle Switch

Renowned tattoo artist Mick Squires has created this fantastic power supply toggle switch, Simply flick the switch to turn your machine on and keep it running, flick the switch in the opposite direction to turn it off. Couldn’t be easier!

Critical Atom Power Supply & Critical G2 Wireless Foot Pedal

The Critical Atom Power Supply looks like no other power supply: the colour of the power supply changes depending on the voltage you're running your machine on. It is also extremely easy to operate: everything is done with just one button. To change the voltage you just turn the button and you can use the same button to switch on your tattoo machine or to change the settings like maintained mode and jump start. You can of course still connect a foot pedal if you prefer.

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