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As all professional tattoo artists know, there is a long list of essential equipment that’s needed to run a successful studio.

Each piece, no matter how small, joins together like a jigsaw puzzle, creating a safe working environment with the best possible service for clients.

It’s these small essentials that we need every day. They may not be obvious, but nothing gets done without them. And the quality of these items is just as important. You may have 4 brand new tyres on your car, but they won’t do you much good if they’re flat.

As professional tattoo artists, the guys at Tattoo Station are know how important these small, everyday essential items are. We also know how important it is to have only the very best quality, both for outcome and safety.

We cut out the middleman and bring the tattoo supplies directly to the studios, all at a reduced price.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our essential tattoo supplies.

Ink Cups

Available in:
Small (10mm) / Medium (13mm) / Large (15mm) / XLarge (18mm)

Strong durable design. 
Transparent plastic
Stable base

 Ink Cups

Clip Cord Sleeves

Disposable Tattoo Clip Cord Sleeves
1 box (125pk) 
50mm x 900mm 
Made from PVC materials for disposable use.
Colour: Red

Clip cords

Machine Bags

Disposable Tattoo Machine Bags 
1 box (125pk) 
130mm x 140mm 
Made from PVC materials for disposable use.
Colour: Red

Machine bag

Tattoo Footswitch

Tattoo footswitch
360 degrees round foot switch
Works from any direction
2 metres of 18 gauge silicone wire
1/4 inch phono plug
Non-skid base pad
Chrome-plated heavy die cast housing
Round actuating cap

Available in colours:
black   ·   silver 

Foot switch

Clip Cords

Basic fucking clip cord
Lasts a long time, but if it breaks buy a new one.

Available in colours
black  ·  pink  ·  blue  ·  purple  ·  red  

clip cord

Rubber Grommets

Tattoo Rubber grommets
1pk (100 grommets)
Colour: clear





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