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We sometimes get the short end f the stick here in New Zealand, being so far away from everywhere else.

Our shops don’t have the selection as you’d find in other countries like the USA or Europe. Even our cousins across the ditch have more choice than us with most things.

The extra shipping to get products here is always passed on to the consumer, making everything more expensive here in Aotearoa.

Unfortunately, that also includes tattoo supplies.

Things are about to change

Tattoo Station are bringing only the very best tattoo supplies to New Zealand – and at a reduced cost!

As tattoo artists with years of experience, we’re sick of paying over the odds for tattoo supplies, so we’ve started to import them ourselves - and we’re passing the savings on to you.

We are an artist-run tattoo supply company, owned and operated by one of the country’s finest tattoo studios, Sunset Tattoo.

Sunset Tattoo

From simple beginnings, Sunset has now become one of New Zealand’s finest tattoo studios, and all in an incredibly short period of time.

We started as somewhere we could create artwork, in many different media, without stress or pressure, and in two short years we are now attracting some of the best tattoo artists in New Zealand, and overseas.

Sunset may only be a few of years old, but we’ve all been in this business a long time, and after years of buying tattoo supplies at huge mark-ups from people who don't even tattoo, we became frustrated and decided to do it ourselves.

That’s when Tattoo Station was born.

Cutting out the middle-man

Tattoo Station is a tattoo supply store for tattoo artists, by tattoo artists.

Forget the companies making a fortune off our backs; we’re by-passing them altogether.

We make our own supplies, and with combined decades of experience in the industry, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

We supply some of the highest quality needles in the world with our Botan range, along with one of the best aftercare creams available on the market, Protat.

We’ve just become the official New Zealand supplier of the world famous Eternal Ink, the number one choice for tattoo artists.

Add to that the usual tattoo studio essentials, and we’ve got you covered for all your tattoo supply needs here in New Zealand.

Forget ordering tattoo supplies from overseas, along with their huge mark-ups. Stay in Aotearoa, and save money and time while doing it.


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